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New updates and improvements to T-Pop

Here is a cool new feature:

From now on, it is your postal address and the name of your store that will be indicated on the package, the T-Pop address disappears completely ⚡️

This is great because before we had to indicate "Print Shop" and our address in the sender field.

This was a complex process to implement, more complex than it looks, so we are proud of this feature.

We are now totally invisible to your customers, in terms of branding there is nothing better, we are proud to propose the most complete personalization offer on the market.

And, yes, as usual, it's a free service.

Summary of the free branding features:

  1. The name of your store + address on the package

  2. Your logo on the package

  3. Your logo on the packing slip

  4. Your social networks on the packing slip

  5. Your support email on the packing slip

  6. You can define your packing slip accent color

  7. You can add a custom message on the packing slip

  8. Translation of the packing slip fields according to the destination country

Just remember to go to the "Preferences" section of T-Pop to check your address, it is this one that will be used.


In France, where T-Pop is located, a global lockdown has been announced and is in effect since Monday April 5th.

However, this does not impact at all the production, our team is completely mobilized to continue to produce and ship your beautiful packages.

So don't worry about it, shipments are not impacted.

Take care of yourself!



In order to be able to announce all the new products, the global or technical updates, we have created a new and wonderful announcement center.

Do not hesitate to consult it frequently in order to keep you informed of the updates.

See you soon, take care of yourself.

25 March 2021

We've identified some issues with products pushing to Etsy:

  • When a product title is starting with a blank space, Etsy returned an error

  • When a product title is in uppercase, Etsy returned an error

  • When a product title contains non-ISO characters, Etsy returned an error

All these problems are now worked around on our side at the code level, in order to modify the title of the products accordingly.

15 March 2021

We have moved! Hurray!

Did you notice anything? We made sure that the move was invisible to you, so production didn't stop.

Our warehouses are now much more spacious, we will be able to offer you more products in stock and new printing methods.

You will see, it will be great.

A big thank you to all our great team, who worked like crazy during the weekend of the move 👌


New statistics added to your T-Pop dashboard: you can now track your sales at a glance.

You can see your statistics for the day, yesterday and for the whole month.

Practical, isn't it?


Small update : from now on, when adding a new visual, before going to the creation part we ask you to give it a name.

This allows you to better find a visual with the search filter.

Featured image for New feature: Auto product replacement

We've just released a new feature: 
the automatic product replacement 🎉 

This means that if a product is not available or discontinued, we'll replace it by an alternative.

One click is all it takes to enable the option 😍

More informations about this features are available in our WONDERFUL Help Center.

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15 February 2021

Hello folks!

You can now follow in real time the status of our service by consulting our status page.

It's nice (well, that's our opinion 😁) and simple - we don't detail our entire architecture but just the status of the main services.

Here is the link: T-Pop Status Page


We are happy to launch this new product: a 100 % recycled totebag, made from organic cutting waste coming from t-shirts😍

Besides, it's black, you've been asking for it for awhile.


We hope you'll like it.